The Taste You Won’t Forget

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OH! Single Source Ethiopian Coffee
The Taste You Won’t Forget

Origin: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

100% of the net profits from sales of OH! Single Source Ethiopian Coffee go toward supporting Crisis Aid’s commitment to helping the helpless, both locally and globally, whatever their immediate needs may be.

OH! Wholesale coffee is available to sell our delicious coffee in your own shop. – Email: info@ohcoffee.org

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To learn more visit www.crisisaid.org.

Flavor Profile: Floral and Refined Sweet black tea and peach characteristics have an almost fig-like dark fruit quality, finishing clean and floral. Offering a low acidity for an African varietal.

OH! StampRoasted by: Wonderstate Coffee Farmer focused and multiple international award-winning roasters since 2005.


Imagine a countryside vast with expansively rolling hills and dry, clay-red dirt. You breathe in crisp air in the middle of some of the highest elevations for coffee in the world.

That’s where your coffee comes from when you brew a cup of OH! Coffee.

We are obsessed with the beautiful, natural processed coffees from Ethiopia. Our second lot of the year was harvested on very small farms in among the rolling hills.

Gedeb is one of the more celebrated zones in all of Ethiopia. Its region’s coffees take on iconic and striking notes of sweet peach along with intense floral tones. While all of the coffee from the region is remarkable, the higher altitude lots we’ve identified have been some of our (and our partner’s) favorite coffees in all of Ethiopia.

At the washing station, perfectly timed, ripe cherries are delivered and immediately placed onto raised African beds. The coffee is layered very thinly so that each cherry can dry slowly, and evenly. Good care in handling and drying with naturals tends to yield very clean flavors with impeccable clarity, complexity and sweetness.

All of this work, reveals the true essence of OH! Coffee
Giving – The Taste You Won’t Forget.
Enjoy this fresh, certified organic, single-origin coffee – order online, your subscription is the gift that keeps on giving!

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40 reviews for OH! Single Source Ethiopian Coffee

  1. Randy

    Do you like Coffee? Do you like to support Missions? Here’s a great one source company. 100% of the net profits from sales of OH! Single Source Ethiopian Coffee go toward supporting Crisis Aid’s commitment to helping the helpless, both locally and globally, whatever their immediate needs may be. I know the folks at Crisis Aid personally and they know the Coffee grower! And… I just made a pour over cup of OH Coffee and it’s smooth and delicious. I compared it to a very expensive Cuban Coffee that I bought in Cuba and OH wins hands down. Now, full disclosure… I tried it black first, but honestly, I’m not a black coffee guy, so after that I added my bit of cream and sugar and it was delish!! Try it… you will say, “OH!” web site is here; https://ohcoffee.org/

  2. Greg Hurley

    I love everything about this coffee. First the packaging, white sampler bag, smaller, so great. Then when you open the bag the smell of the beans just overwhelms your senses. The taste of the coffee is just stupendous and then all of the profits going to Crisis Aid is what puts this coffee over the top for me.

  3. Pam A (verified owner)

    Love this coffee. I don’t use any other. I used to live near Ethiopia and was missing this wonderful coffee. Thanks for making it available to me

  4. Kurtis F

    I enjoyed reading the story behind this business and the opportunity to help those who are helpless through promoting this business. I really thought the coffee was delicious. A good cause in partnership with a high quality product can change the lives of a number of people in need and I will pray that this great work continues.

  5. Nick

    I am a coffee lover and I don’t want to slander Starbucks, but this coffee is SOOOOOO much better that it is not even in the same league as Starbucks. It is a perfectly balance medium roast with incredible flavor and aroma. The smell of this coffee alone is amazing, and then you taste it…….. Heaven. I understood why it is called “OH!” coffee the first time I had it because that was my expression after tasting it. If you don’t like this coffee feel free to contact me and send it to me :D

  6. Charla (verified owner)

    The coffee is very good and I will be buying it again.

  7. David

    What is a launch team?

  8. Keshav B

    I really enjoyed OH! Coffee. I received a sample of medium roasted yirgacheffe, Ethiopia coffee from a friend at my church. As someone who home roasts coffee when I have time, I really enjoyed the flavor profile of this coffee. It has balanced floral and fruity notes. When you grind it, it has a spicy and Peppery aroma. After adding water you immediately smell it’s floral character. I enjoyed the coffee because it blended both subtle floral taste but with a stone fruit finish. Would recommend it with pour over. I also appreciate the cause and how the profits go to crisis aid. The roaster’s mission is also devoted to treating farmers fairly and offering fair prices. Highly recommended!

  9. Kirk B

    Great light roast coffee. Seems very fresh for single cup use.

  10. James F

    I’ve just tried Oh! coffee and I’m so excited. The taste is smooth and medium bodied. It’s perfect to start my day. I’m pretty picky about my coffee and I will be making this a regular for my family and me. I especially love where the profits are going. I faithfully give to my church as well as other organizations and drinking wonderful coffee while the profits go to helping others just makes sense.

  11. Brian S.

    OH’s coffee tastes amazing. It has a nice medium body and great for making my daily ice lattes.

  12. David H

    Has to me one of the smoothest brews I’ve ever tried, Can’t get enough!

  13. Alvin V Buchanan

    I think this is the best coffee I’ve ever had. It has a very Smooth taste that’s very satisfying to me. I give it 5 stars!

  14. Jon

    I was surprised at how good this coffee is. The roast is right on. This will be a staple in my household.

  15. Brooke

    The coffee is great and comes with a great mission! Good taste with an even better meaning behind it!

  16. Lance K (verified owner)

    This coffee is very smooth and easy to drink. It’s rare to find a coffee with such a low acidity level (easy on the tummy), yet so rich in flavor. I brew my coffee strong, so I like the balance that OH’s blend offers in flavor, caffeine level, low acidity and aroma. I just ordered 8 bags for the home. This is a great coffee venture that Crisis Aid is pursuing to further support their incredible life changing work in East Africa. I love it!

  17. Tom K

    As a daily coffee consumer, I enjoy a brew that doesn’t offend my palate. The medium/dark roast boasts a pleasantly mild bodied aroma, full of flavor. A few flavor notes were sampled as, malted milk balls, pretzel twist, cocoa nib, and a hint of almond butter on toast! My sample process was Aeropress, 15grams auto/fine:250grams water

  18. Dane W

    I usually gravitate towards Ethiopian coffee when I have a choice and Oh! is as good as I’ve found. I look forward to regular shipments!

  19. A

    Definitely enjoyed this batch of coffee. The fresh and bold flavors left me wanting more!

  20. Earl

    Great rich color and bold flavor make this a winner

  21. Chris I

    Wow! Or should I say Oh! This coffee really is great, and offers a full bodied flavor that is not bitter and not acidic. Light earthy flavor with hints of fruit. Leaves a smooth finish. Also, it tastes even better knowing that all profits go towards an incredible organization that is helping to save lives, save souls and give people hope in some of the hardest places!

  22. Kathy (verified owner)

    The coffee was a great-full bodied with great flavor.

  23. Mike G

    OH! Is a true Ethiopian coffee. A wonderful complexity, fruity-cherry, and a medium bodied coffee that has full bodied flavors. It is a pleasing coffee that you can drink in the morning and for a satisfying cup after dinner.

  24. Stephen

    Great coffee and a great cause!!!

  25. Pastor Tom

    I found the OH coffee smooth with a rich coffee taste and yet no bitterness. I would highly recommend it. We are selling it in our church coffee shop. Great coffee for a great cause…how can you lose.

  26. Jessica

    A good friend gave me a sample of the coffee to try out. I made my first cup last night. I did four cups water and 46 grams of beans. The flavor was light and wonderful. It had a bit of a fruity tone to it but I couldn’t place the flavor. It had the perfect amount of boldness and my kid even stole a few beans and ate them. This morning I brewed another 6 cup pot and used way too many beans. I used about 70 grams and it was way too strong. I was sad I had used the rest of it up. Overall I really liked the flavor. I would definitely love more of it.

  27. Corey

    Coffee is fantastic and what it supports is even better. Count me in.

  28. Ferrell

    This coffee is fantastic! Not a ton of acid and the taste is amazing! Could not be happier.

  29. Raymond

    Having been to Ethiopia with Crisis Aid, and tasted the coffee there, the aroma brings me back the yirgacheffe region. There is nothing like Ethiopian coffee and I cannot wait for my next shipment!

  30. Paul

    I love the mission behind the coffee. Personally the quality of the roasting isn’t that good. A little lighter roasting process would be great.


    I drink coffee every day and absolutely loved my first cup of OH! Smooth, yet bold, and super aromatic. I make it via cold brew and it is wonderful. Highly recommended!

  32. Pat B

    Best coffee I have ever had.

  33. Jesse

    As a former Barista and Coffee Roaster, I know what it takes to make a good cup of coffee. OH! Coffee has got it! The coffee was bright, well balanced and roasted perfectly. Definitely recommend OH! Coffee!!!

  34. FolkertB

    Of course I am biased, but really, this is an excellent coffee. I tasted quite a few different coffees from all over the world as I participated in many cupping sessions. Always found Ethiopian coffee a little too acidic but this roast has achieved perfection!!! Smooth, low acidity and of course every cup helps somebody in dire need.

    Great coffee whether you drip, do pour overs or use a french press. Want to try a different way to prepare your coffee? The OHcoffee website has a guide that gets you the best brew. Try it, you will not regret it!

  35. Claire B

    I normally drink my coffee all doctored up with cream, sugar and flavorings – I’m not a coffee snob. It was suggested that I try this coffee black. I was apprehensive as most black coffee is bitter, acidic and harsh. One sip of Oh! coffee and I was hooked. This is the good stuff!!

  36. Sarah

    What a pleasure to wake up and grind, and then brew, a cup of OH! Coffee. Delicious coffee with rich flavor, to support a wonderful cause.

  37. Jerry

    Pat- Thanks for the coffee samples. I found the coffee to have a bold, fresh, exquisite taste. The coffee was rich in flavor and had the perfect caffeine content balanced with an incredible aroma.

  38. Kim

    The coffee was stronger than I generally like but I love and appreciate the ministry connection.

  39. Chad (verified owner)

    I received a sample bag of OH! coffee from a friend and I now will be ordering more! I have coffee roasters in my family so I am used to having high quality coffee around and I have to say this is some of the best I have had. Great coffee and a great cause!

  40. Drew N

    This roast is smooth, refreshing, and has a robust flavor! It doesn’t hurt that it also supports a great cause. I’m very excited to continue purchasing this coffee.

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